Joining YL’s Zero-Waste Movement this Holiday Season

One of my favorite things about Young Living as a company is their pledge to help protect our planet. While the road to zero-waste isn’t easy, Young Living believes that if we join together, we will have a much greater chance at success. To join them in going green, there are little things we can all do throughout the year that really do make a difference for our planet.

This December’s Zero-Waste Tip from Young Living’s Green Team was to try a few, or even just one, of their eco-friendly lower-waste gift ideas. A couple of their suggestions included swapping out your gift wrap for a reusable tote or buying secondhand, from a local thrift shop. My mom loves a good antique find, and I actually picked up a vintage book as a gift this holiday season, but I hadn’t even considered the positive impact gifts like these have on the planet! I’ll be making sure to check in on all of their zero-waste tips for the new year ahead.

The YL zero-waste initiative is just one example of the incredible work Young Living is doing and their commitment to be a force for good. Which is a definitely a gift that goes well beyond the holiday season!


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