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For the past year, I’ve been wearing a mask on my face as per the CDC guidelines and here are some ways I’ve found oiling to be helpful 🙂

First, breathability! I love putting a couple drops of Eucalyptus oil on my throat, it just opens the passageways and helps make everything smell minty fresh! That said, if you have a different smell you prefer, that obviously works, too. After all, one of the beautiful things about oiling is that it’s all so personal and customizable!

Friends have mentioned they like to put a couple drops of their favorite scents (many love citrusy smells like orange!) on their cloth masks the night before, and this brings an added burst of sensory joy to an otherwise not-so-fun experience. Especially these days when we are being advised to put cloth masks over N95’s and so forth.

Either way, it’s worth trying, especially if you are easily affected by smells! I, for one, will try anything to help keep my spirits up these days.

I have also experienced some breakouts on my face due to repeated  use of masks, and have found Tea Tree Oil to be a goddess-send. I dab it directly on zits (especially after face-washing, right before bed) and I am constantly amazed at how quickly the redness and swelling goes down… Anyone else addicted to this incredibly helpful oil!?

All in all, I am grateful once again to have all these little helper oils in my cabinet and to know that they are clean and happy and chemical free!  Please feel free to share some of your favorite tips in the comments below, as I am always happy to learn from you all.




R.C.™ is a powerful blend of Cypress, Spruce, and 3 types of Eucalyptus oils (E. citriodora, E. globulus, & E. radiata). Diffuse or apply topically before, during, or after your workout.  Combine R.C. with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for an invigorating massage.  Its robust scent will help you perk up as your day begins. R.C. is also a great substitute for Aroma Siez™ in Young Living’s Raindrop Technique®.

Tea Tree essential oil, also known as Melaleuca or Melaleuca Alternifolia, is one of the most widely used and extensively researched essential oils, making it a must-have for every home. Because the benefits of Tea Tree include cleansing properties and a refreshing scent, this versatile oil can be used for everything from home cleaning solutions to skin care.

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  • That’s a very interesting way of adjusting to mask wearing. Masks aren’t the best things in the world,but seeing this I’m sure that they will help people out thanks to these tips!


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