Living that Lockdown Life (and how oils help!)

Apparently, it’s December. That’s right… 2020 is almost coming to a close! And like so many others, our family has pretty much been locked down since the Spring– when we were actually first meaning to launch this here blog! But my oh my, did life take over. Learning to manage how to work from home… all while having to homeschool 3 young kids, not to mention… deciding to sell our home, and then move to a new one (a fixer upper no less!) meant that things like writing about our beloved essential oils on this blog took a backseat. However!!! I am here to tell you that USING them did NOT. In fact, I can say with 100% honesty that I have never been MORE thankful to have essential oils in my life than this past year.

Things have been stressful. Some days more than others. And one thing that has always helped me calm down is creating an environment that is calming and peaceful. I find that when I clean up the clutter, put on the zen music, and start diffusing some lavender everywhere…? It instantly works its magic on me from the outside-in. I am a very sensory person… loud noises stress me out. Bad smells make me nauseous. And clutter gives me heart palpitations. So my oils have been a god send when it comes to taking the stress down a little. I also find that diffusing citrus oils help lift my mood when things get a little too intense, and that diffusing peppermint always puts a little pep back into my step on the days I am dragging.

And since we live in sunny Southern California (where winter looks entirely different than my childhood growing up in Canada!) you better bet I’m diffusing some Christmas Spirit and Pine blends in my favorite Aria diffuser (pictured above) to remind me the Holidays are fast approaching! When you’re locked in and the days all blend together, it’s beyond helpful to have these oils around to help signify the seasons and lighten the mood. What are your favorite blends to diffuse? Have you found oiling during this crazy time to be as helpful as we have?



  • This is awesome! I have to say, Christmas Spirit is one of my all time favorites and I pretty much diffuse it all the time, no matter the season year. When I miss the scent of the forest back home in Germany I drop a little Northern Lights Black Spruce in the palm of my hand, rub, and inhale! These oils definitely help lift the spirit when cooped up at home month after month 🥰.

  • ❤️ your blog. I diffuse lavender morning, noon & night to destress, even my plants love it. 😉


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