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Share your favorite ways to use essential oils and other essential-oil based Young Living products here on our blog, so we can learn from your unique personal journey and experience! We’ll be sure to share your referral code so that anyone who is inspired to join your team can easily reference you when they shop! Original photos are encouraged, and we are always here if you’d like any help curating your post.

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We here at Our Favorite Essentials are proud brand partners with Young Living Essential Oils. We believe YL has the highest quality essential oils on the market, and as a result we shop exclusively with them. Regular customers pay retail prices, however there are plenty of ways to unlock wholesale discounts. Joining our community means we become your personal support team, whether you’re a first-time customer or interested in becoming a brand partner, too! If this is your first time shopping with us, we definitely suggest getting a Starter Bundle, which offers huge savings on many of their most popular products. Bundles range from $125 – $250 (depending on what you choose!) and can be purchased one time or as part of a subscribe-to-save option!

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Young Living offers a monthly subscription service that not only allows you to subscribe-to-save on all your favorite products, as well as receive free shipping, but also lets you rack up rewards points known as Loyalty Rewards (which you can then redeem on product!) We are big fans of this program (it also comes with a ton of free gifts!) and are happy to explain more if you are interested!

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Love the products? Can’t help talk about them? Have friends asking where and how you buy them? Happened to us, too 🙂 We’d love to chat more about having you join our team. Since YL products aren’t available in stores, people genuinely discover our favorite essentials by talking to us. Plus, everyone’s stories and issues are so unique, it really helps to have a personal connection, and a supportive community like ours, to learn about what products are right for each individual and family in their own personal health and wellness journey. Being a brand partner truly just means helping people you know live happier and healthier lives… with the great bonus of making money along the way, as well, on your own terms and time.

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