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We’re a community of people from all backgrounds who have come together over our shared love of Young Living essential oils. Learning about essential oils can be like learning a new language, and this forum was created to help our community members share tips and tricks as we discover the many ways these high quality oils can enhance our daily lives. Whether you’re interested in using them aromatically (to help lighten the mood or perhaps inspire a seasonal / holiday feel) or topically (to relieve tension or inspire focus as you work from home) or internally (while baking delicious cookies or making festive drinks!) you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to explore our blog and try some of our favorite recipes (for delicious food, homemade playdoh, non-toxic bug repellants, refreshing linen sprays, and more!) and also to join us — experimenting, sharing, and commenting about your faves as well! After all, that’s what having a community is all about!

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Our community is a beautiful and diverse network of family and friends, colleagues and neighbors, across the US and Canada that grows wider by the day. Our contributors are people just like you, who have joined us to learn more about the wonderful world of essential oils. Some of us are health care professionals– doctors, nurses, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and more– while others work in the arts– from designers to producers, actors, writers, singers, and more. Whether you are a college student or a retired grandparent, a new mom or a seasoned dad of three, you have a unique perspective to share and we are excited to learn alongside you! Come see what our community is saying about the myriad ways we incorporate essential oils both at work and at home, in our gardens, our favorite recipes, to help calm our kids down or to treat minor maladies, and more. The list is endless and ever growing… and we’re excited to have you here.

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